Ajuntament 3_celiFAO decided that Valencia, in Spain, will be the World’s Food Capital in 2017. To celebrate this capitality, we have created a campaign to promote healthy food and the importance of the orchad that surrounds Valencia city. That´s why we decide to create this huge vegetables and fruits that have been invading the whole city during the last months in different areas of the city.

The campaign has been named #HortAttack (the attack of the Orchad), to symbolice that even we have been triying to destroy the natural surroundings with a fast growth of the city, nature has always the last word to say and is reconquering what belongs to her.

The pieces have been build at Manolo Martín workshop, together with the help of Latorre y Sanz artisans.

pimento retocadaVirgen Square, beside the Cathedral

_MG_1882Manises square, beside the regional government

tomate torres retocSerranos Gates

fotografies hortattack fotografa Celi Cerdà Marqués (21)North train station

fotografies hortattack fotografa Celi Cerdà Marqués (14)Marques de Dos Aguas Palace, National Museum of Ceramic

fotografies hortattack fotografa Celi Cerdà Marqués (17)The Silk Market

After moving for more than two months around several locations in València, they ended at the Congresses Palace of Valencia for the  2017  Annual Gathering and the Mayors’ Summit of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP)

_MG_9825 copia

_MG_0202 copia

_MG_9867 copia

_MG_9873 copia

Photography: Celi Marqués and Noel Arraiz

Client: Mercavalencia





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