Don´t pay attention to the man behind the curtain (video)

This video was part of the urban installation that under the same title was made in  Valencia March 2011. But was thought as an independent piece so the message that transmits can be spread independently


The transcript of the audio from spanish to english is as follows:

We live surrounded by images, ideas trying to get our attention, in which superficial prepends content and artificiality prepends reality. We opt for certain icons for purely aesthetic, often unaware that behind this great show we attend there is ideology. Life is about choices, and what data do we have to take them? Do we look beyond aesthetics? Do we believe in the shadows and lights that produces the show ore we left the cave and find out who is behind them and who produces them?
We worship the golden calf, “aware” that it is not real, but rather we prefer to live a comfortable lie. No care about the search or the way we should follow, we want pleasure and we want it now and now.

We revere and fear the unknown, unable to grasp its reality, we actually prefer giving it “divine” features and transfer the lack of faith in ourselves in an excessive, irrational faith in certain icons.

Or we follow the golden path, without losing the ability to look outside of it, where real life is, where important things are. And at the end of the road be able to deal with the false myths created, check out who is really behind the aesthetics though often we will discover that behind there are no ethics, even truth hurts.

Although once discovered the true Wizard of Oz continues shouting “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” we will be as Dorothy and we will continue to seek our truth, the hidden one behind the curtains.”

Credits: Art direction: Miguel Arraiz García, Raul Climent i Rojano / text: Miguel Arraiz García / Video edit: Estudio Menta / off-voice: Daniel Ballester / sound technician: Enric Murillo