It all started with xufina. She is the pink intruder.

The feature of this intervention is that of developing within a festival closely tied to tradition, and therefore with a very defined aesthetic.

The first was to develop a project with some basic premises, there was no need to continue with the established aesthetic, the execution should involve all the world so we should get to a standarized «constructive» method, since it is a collaborative tradition. Therefore we decided to use materials that defined the finished of the monument by themselves, we would not paint anything, the brushes were banned, only scissors, saw, shredded paper, a little glue gun and the help of a carpenter for the main structure . We finally settled on felt in different shades and natural wood and began to organize a series of craft workshops.

From that moment, and with the result on the street, the debate between tradition and modernity began, the discussion of the need for new inputs in tradition. In the need to open new ways of research that would allow on one hand a society more open to changes and on second hand allow the artists more freedom to do their work in a more mature and informed society.

in this case it was just child’s play, but taught us the need to keep creating pink intruders, but with other colors, sizes and themes to generate debate.

complete set of pictures of the urban installation

complete set of pictures of the construction process

complete set of pictures of the burning process

Credits: author: Miguel Arraiz García / Raul Climent i Rojano (menta gráfica)