Professional network for cultural Management and generation of debates


Pink Intruder is a project organized by a group of artists with expertise in performing interventions in urban space, edition of art and the organization and coordination of cultural events. We understand the culture and its management as the primary tool to generate debate and the debate as the main tool to generate a more pluralistic, participatory and advanced society.

Urban interventions: The urban space is the ideal place to generate debate as it approaches the viewer and looks for his complicity without having to wait for an approach to cultural contenders. The culture contained has the risk of becoming hidden culture.

Art Edition: The cultural product functions as a media of great power, but often the discussion groups are too homogeneous and closed. Popular culture and cultural elites should not be antagonistic. We believe in diversity and the need to generate debate as much transversal as possible.

Team: Pink Intruder counts on the expertise and intellectual support of national and international partners in the academic and cultural world.